Why edEdge?

The increasing demands of the evaluation process has presented a real challenge for school administrators — they want to make the process meaningful and truly impactful on teaching and learning, but too much of their focus and time is taken by the process itself.

Our platform helps administrators meet this challenge with innovative approaches that empower administrators to streamline the evaluation process without compromising the integrity of it, allowing them to both support teachers with meaningful feedback AND effectively lead other school improvement efforts.


Fosters meaningful conversation and collaboration between evaluators and educators

Saves time with a streamlined & efficient workflow

Transparency and compliance built in

Your workflow, our platform: supports multiple rubrics and frameworks

Innovative graphic visualizations of educator and school trends

See why we are different.

Manage your entire evaluation cycle on one unified cloud platform.

Every aspect of our platform has been guided by educational leaders actively involved in managing evaluations and following Illinois compliance standards.

We believe the result is the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing teacher evaluations available.